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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Segun Ijiwande popularly known with the diminutive ‘Shegzy Kool’ which also seconds as his label’s insignia, is a creative consultant of diverse sides, peddling his trade as a young entrepreneur of repute with a staying power of over ten years in developing the Shegzy Kool Aesthetic Clothing brand into one of Nigeria’s finest clothing and fashion accessory line of today and the future.

He holds prime advantage in a versatile range of portfolio offerings, serving as a delectable Fashion Designer, Apparel Consultant, Costume Manager,Creative Director and Modeling Manager to a host of audience in the corporate, fashion and creative beauty and artistic fields, fulfilling its vision to be a top designing outfit with astute creativity to meet the fashion desires of every client. As the Chief Executive Officer of Shegzy Kool Aesthetic Clothing, Mr Ijiwande ensures the company specializes in bringing fashion desires to life by building upon the fashion needs utilizing peak creative processes, as it rides on a mission strongly hinged on continuous outstanding performance and prompt service delivery of great fashion concepts to each client with inspiration derived from a constantly evolving but rare in depth cultural and aesthetic appreciation. 

Shegzy Kool Aesthetic Clothing houses a classic range of fresh and innovative designs that includes Corporate Suits, Jeans, Native,wears, Linen Suits and Clothing, Funky Blazers, Customized T-Shirts and a myriad of other styles.

As a Fashion Designer, Shegzy Kool works intricately to develop tasteful fabrics into 21st century masterpieces for various categories of clients which include the upwardly mobile as well as youth. He has featured as a foremost designer at various fashion events which include The Ankara Festival 2009 and hosted a top notch student exhibition at the Redeemers University, Mowe, Ogun State. 

As an Image Consultant, he is a sought after advisor serving as a guide to a bevy of clients by bringing multiple elements of skills, knowledge and creativity into play to create authentic outlooks which empower clients to project confidence and competence while dressing with substance and style. In this capacity, he furnishes clients with Apparel and Wardrobe Consultancy services providing harmony and uniqueness that meet goals, budget and personal style needs. Other services in this category include coaching in grooming, body language and etiquette where he applies know-how to the different roles people perform at different stages of their career, times of the day and occasions to project the right image that influences others. 

As a Creative Director, he serves in capacities that include Costume Manager for both artistic and corporate events as well as video shoots, he is also a Modelling Manager furnishing agencies and projects with optimally groomed and beautifully adorned models.

He has provided first class services to both corporate and artistic clients such as Mamuzee, Buddy Agbedah (Salsa Naija), Awele (This Day), David Eko (Woodlands, VI), Benita Okogie (A top artiste and model, Chi Foods), Ayeni Samson (MAERSK Nig Ltd), Tosyn Bucknor (Top Radio), LKT(Mr Alaye), Art quake, Tu- face, Vector, Ayuba, Switch (Dynamix) just to mention a few, who all can testify of our continuous outstanding performance and service delivery.

For orders and enquiry, reach us via:

Phone: +234 805 608 1166, +234 702989 5388, +234 703 011 3602

Bb Pin: 24E74395




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  1. D sky is ur begining bro...keep it up.

  2. Wow cool,wwud give u a call cos I've passion for fashion

  3. Fashion Redefined....I like the second image...the way that lady is dressed

  4. I want to make clothes with you guys so I can tell my frds its made by a well know

  5. How much are your TEES?

  6. Nice took fashion to another level....Innovation redefined


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