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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Not from Uzbekistan; a lot of people don't even know him by his real name.

Uzbek (Ibrahim Olawale Edu) is a Spoken word artist, rapper, writer, lyricist and wordsmith to name a few.

Grew up a listener of conscious rap and spoken word poetry, hence building on the messages harnessed from their depth.

He is known for his wordplay and lyrical ability. A focused young man who believes in word power.

As a young boy Uzbek, spent a lot of his time writing and studying the English dictionary. This encouraged him to participate in the Spelling Bee competition organized by Senator Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu (Founder of New Era Foundation). This set the leverage for him to mount the rostrum and embark on the pursuit of word perfection.

He has been performing at various slam poetry competitions and events.

He is a graduate of Chemical and Polymer Engineering from Lagos State University; but the urge to showcase his gift of words has always drawn him from his course of study, to pursue his dream of being a renowned rap-poet-tainer.

Got his style from the likes of Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Malik Youssef etc

He aims to take Nigerian Entertainment industry to greater heights with his lyrical finesse.

Here is a link to some of his works:

A force to be reckoned with!!!


  1. so inspirationl.u av somfn special bro n am proud of u.kudos!

  2. Cool profile.....cnt w8t 2 hear him voice

  3. Wow......uzbek my man........I know u to be a good poet........nice profile God bless

  4. So engineer,a poet and musician

  5. Pure talent.....#Respect bro.

  6. Nice nickname.....lovely talents and whew....u rock baby

  7. Nice poet..........keep it up bro

  8. Dat year wher I de try tief him poet

  9. sikk bruh, proud of you keep it up! @abysmalsavant

  10. Talents like this do not always hit the spotlight...good thing his works are being recognized and appreciated...nice blog with nice talent..keep it up Uzbek!

  11. UZBEK lol I wud Av prefered Sudan nice profile

  12. Nice profile, I see something positive around this dude.

  13. Impressive! Can't wait to see you on top

  14. Lol u look hard but ur wordings are soft....nice profile wish to know you

  15. Lol I like your head, so romantic*wink* yh uve got a nice profile there...keep it up

  16. Thank you all..i Really appreciate this..
    Feel free to contact me via the following media:
    Facebook: Ibrahim Uzbek Edu
    BBM: 2AF8AF42
    Phone number: 07030469442
    Twitter: @uzbekdwordsmith
    Instagram: @poetikkuzbek


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