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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Emy Eguvwe Yugbovwre

Emy Eguvwe Yugbovwre (Creative Director @Ajebotoons)

At the age of 7, Emy could tell her parents to sit down for a portrait.Even at such a young age, you could tell that this young lady was going to be a great artist if she decided to go into fine arts and designs. 
But alas! By age 11, she went ahead to Command Secondary School, Ipaja Lagos and forgot all about drawing because of the demand for more attention to her studies.

She went into the University of PortHarcourt still with her love for watching and drawing cartoons growing more and more intense. In 2007 while she was still in school, Fela Durotoye, a renowned speaker, visited the University and inspired her to start up something while still in school.She began customizing t-shirts, drawing directly on shirts...she learnt the hard way. In 2008,she was with her elder sister and a friend one day, when the friend said she was in search of a face painting artist.  

 She had never done face painting before but had seen some works on children's faces during birthday parties,but she took a huge step and told the lady that she could do the face painting for her child's birthday party for N15,000. The lady asked for some sample pictures and she immediately went online, watched a few videos, burrowed her niece's face along with some of her friends, snapped the pictures and sent to the lady.And of course she got the job. That was the beginning of her face painting career of which she had to employ a few people because of the demand.
 She became tired of just drawing and went ahead to study 2D Animation on her own.In 2011, while she was waiting for NYSC Service, New York Film Academy also known as Delyork International began their second annual one month training program for different departments such as 3D Animation, T.V Production, Acting, Directing, e.t.c. To be a part of this training, one is expected to pay the sum of $5,000 which is equivalent to about N800,000 of which she or her family could not afford to pay at that time.She therefore wrote to the organizers telling them about her dream of becoming one of the best animators in Nigeria and abroad and also requesting for a scholarship.She waited earnestly in anticipation for almost a month and didn't get any reply from them.......Until one week after they had started the program.She received the phone call the night before with so much joy and excitement and got to the venue the next day as early as she could,only to be told that they couldn't accept her into the 3D Animation class that she applied for seeing as the class was already filled up.
She was told to choose another class such as script writing or directing.With disappointment in her heart, she cried to them telling them that she had her heart set on learning 3D Animation as she had never seen the process or the software before.She went ahead to show them her very wacky 2D Animation shorts she had done some time ago, they were impressed because she could achieve such level of animation without any formal training. They saw the video and said they were going to ensure she got into the class, and she did. To cut the long story short,in a class of 18 students who already knew their craft, she went through the 4-week program with the other students in just 3weeks, submitted her project, and was awarded the best 3D Animation student in the program for that year. It seemed a miracle to her, but God works in mysterious ways.

3D Animation was only just the beginning and breaking point for this young lady. She later realized that she was born to create 2D Animations. Her love for animation has brought her thus far; She has a registered company known as AJEBOTOONS. Although the website is still under construction at the moment, she has worked on projects for several companies such as TEAMS, WOW Connect, IC Studio, SMAR, SANSAFI, HOTR, and many more. She is also working on short animation comedy skits. So watch out for AJEBOTOONS because soon, it will be a household name for the whole family.

In the meantime, you can catch up on recent activities via other social media networks such as

Facebook- Ajebotoons Cartoons
Twitter- @Ajebotoons
Youtube- emyvex  


  1. Great and inspiring post there its great to know a determined lady as emy exist here in nigeria...especially in the area of animation!...

  2. Tnx for the kind words olubunmi, am glad you checked by, emy is a very good artist, trust me you ll definitely wanna work with her.

  3. I hope so sir...i really really hope will be a great honour for me!

    1. you can contact her through any of the above social media links

  4. Thumbs up Emy...wishing you all the best as u soar higher.

  5. Wow. Inspiring story. More grease to your elbow Emy.

  6. I have read that article.
    Very persistent young lady! Thumbs up)
    However, a sentence here bugs me and that is:

    "The white man saw the video and said he was going to ensure she got into the class, and she did"

    It sounds a bit colonial and of subjective reduction of selfi..pardon me.. So maybe you might consider replacing that sentence.

    Meanwhile, I would so much love to see her works as there are so little females in animation in Nigeria. Could you send me links please. Thanks in advance

    1. tnx alot for checking by, would replace the sentence right away, here is a link to her youtube channel

  7. All the best. A new Nigeria!

  8. This is Grand!! Grand!!! @iamjaydax

  9. Awesome and a great lady

  10. This is amazing tho. The Lord is ur strength.


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