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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sameul Onatuga – Isichei

Sameul Onatuga – Isichei is the founder of The Mahomet Center, a social conscious organization that is geared towards helping people understand and uncover the dynamics of the mind and likewise in propagating the need for conscious social systems.

Samuel Onatuga-Isichei British council / World Bank development knowledge facilitator with over ten years working experience as a developmental worker working with civil society organizations. He was the former chairman of the General Action Against The Violation of Children and Women’s Right one of the foremost organization that focuses solely on advancing children and women’s right. He is graduate of The University Of London; B.Sc. politics and international relations. He is driven by the desire to empower people to take charge of their lives and live to the max regardless of the social circumstances that they find themselves.

He believes that our mind is our greatest resources and thus it is necessary for every single individual to come to a good understanding of what the mind is and how it works hence he has made it his life work to help people uncover this great fundamental resource because according to him, the one fundamental thing that all great men share regardless of their time and place is a good understanding of the workings of the mind. And as graduate of politics and international relations from the University Of London he on the seeks to advance the need for conscious social systems which are more holistic and solution driven rather than the problem based approach to social issues that the world todays seems to follow.

His approach to self-transformation and social systems is what that is pretty refreshing; his approach is a potpourri of ancient esoteric principles and the modern insights of cutting edge quantum physics. The mixture of these two seemingly divergent perspectives gives him a dynamic and invigorating perspective about life, people, business and everything else in between as he is seeks to empower people with life principles that can be put to use to better themselves.


"When considered in proper light, I must say that been in the spotlight is a fantastic experience although it is one that comes with great responsibility however the spotlight gives me the ability to increase my sphere of influence and scope of work and mentoring because when in the spotlight the evitable truth is that people look up to you as you become a beacon for something that they aspire to be and this is what the spotlight presents for me. It is an opportunity to influence and mentor other young people such as myself and to be a good role model"

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