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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Clique Africa is a monthly hangout where young African entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs meet to talk business and socialize. It serves as an information hub for young upstarts, it provides the space for potential business transactions and finding new associates and as well creates opportunities for spotting and identifying talent for key corporations Clique Africa creates a lively exchange by bringing together young professionals from diverse social backgrounds in a relaxed and socially engaging atmosphere where they can share ideas, network, trade expertise, and have fun meeting success driven young people.

Because of our firm conviction that young people are willing to launch into the world of entrepreneurship while also consolidating on their positions as intrapreneurs, we are committed to investing in and building up the skills and potentials of young people in business by bringing to each hangout a careful selection of speakers drawn from various professional fields to impart valuable information, knowledge and experiences that will equip and bolster the confidence of young people in the world of business.

Clique Africa bridges the gap between classes and creates the adequate support structure by bringing together as many young-people as possible into a single platform every month (across African countries) to connect with opportunities and form lasting bonds.

To be recognized as the number one network for growing and connecting top African entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who will drive Africa to its full scale.

To bridge the gap between classes by creating meeting points and platforms that can form lasting bonds
To create adequate support structure for the unemployed, young business owners and talents in order to catalyze economic and social change.
To offer elaborate, practical and valuable tips and insights on the skills necessary for intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners to start and grow their own business
To have a Clique Africa circle of influence within the African space.

Connect – We believe a good network can help in career development that is why we are committed to connecting young professional entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to opportunities and people that would help lift their careers and in turn contribute to the development of Africa.

Leadership – We recognize the importance of Leadership in handling and sustaining businesses and we empower and equip our members with necessary skills and support system they need to effectively lead.

Information – We cut short stress and worry by bringing direct information closer and also ensure that with first hand information we build our participant self development and organizational skills.

Quintessential – We represent the perfect example of class and quality in everything we do.

Uniformity – We constantly promote the spirit of togetherness, synergy and shared vision to foster development and business advancement.

Excellence – We go the extra mile to ensure we deliver a world class monthly hangout and excellence in all our Activities and dealings

Accountability – We prioritise Accountability and Truthfulness  


  1. Thumbs Up bro....God is our strenght!!!

  2. Nice Initiative. How to I join or become a member if possible?


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