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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The Arrival of BabiBevis is the classic saga of taking a dream and making the impossible conceivable. It is a story of willpower, confidence, tussle, hard work and inspiration. With each chapter, Babibevis has held onto the best parts of what he believes in as he continuously keep raising the bar and creating original and ground-breaking, yet classic and unique music for his fans. BabiBevis has dispensed his heart and soul into each episode, showing growth as an artist, businessman and, most importantly, a man.

Natural can be described as innate or instinctive in essence, disposition or temperament. Quite simply, natural can be summed up as God-given or God-inspired because it comes so easily. When Osaro Bevis Agho, songwriter, international stylist, and Model. BabiBevis realized that his talents came to him naturally, his growth and acceptance of these gifts aptly made him a house hold name both Overseas and in Nigeria

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Born Ikusebad Oluhwarsehun Slimkross was raised in the streets of lagos.
Being no stranger to the Naija scene, this MC/singer started out from the streets building his musical profile with producers such as Wytte also competing in rap battles back in the day and has since grown to become a mainstream success. Having released his Audio 'Nigboro' in 2014, the artist has fine tuned his craft and is deadly on the mic and continues to produce classic music for all to hear.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bayray McNwizu

Bayray McNwizu is an African Movie Academy Award nominee who has become popular for taking on the title role Cindy Haastrup in the inspiring true African story "Cindy's Notes". Offscreen, Bayray is prominently active in non governmental projects especially those involving women and youth. As a young child, her mother would teach her to spell words and she would win spelling competitions on behalf of her class and eventually an Omo competition. In her earliest years, Bayray was popular but painfully shy and would rush home after school to re-enact scenes she had seen from movies like "Things Fall Apart", "Home Alone" until one day, someone failed to show up for the school's rehearsed End of the Term drama show and she was chosen to fill in. 

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