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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Born Ikusebad Oluhwarsehun Slimkross was raised in the streets of lagos.
Being no stranger to the Naija scene, this MC/singer started out from the streets building his musical profile with producers such as Wytte also competing in rap battles back in the day and has since grown to become a mainstream success. Having released his Audio 'Nigboro' in 2014, the artist has fine tuned his craft and is deadly on the mic and continues to produce classic music for all to hear.

Slimkross has managed to stay true to his roots,raps and sings in fluent Yoruba and pidgin, his sleek rhymes and verses is also popular amongst the naija campus youths and fans.

SlimKross has managed to continually prove his relevance within the industry with producer Wytte has as a fresh off song called No limit is out and hitting hard.

He is surely a star in the making!

Nigboro by SlimKross

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  1. Wow,love this..nigboro is such a dope jamz...we expecting more pleeeeeeeeaz....God would make you greater slimzy baby...more sp*rm to your bulokos...*winks* love...

    Somebodyz wife says...


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