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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Meet Raji Bamidele also known as RADELART™, a maestro in the production of 2D and 3D portraits, still life drawing and other forms of art. He is a pioneer/creative artist of Nigerian pencil/realistic art and designs and he works with his team and Co partners, (Kenechukwu UGOCHUKWU company manager, SEUN ismail comic/concept artist.

He is a zealous, focused and talented fellow whom happens to be an engineering student in the university of Lagos and yet holds a great gift of ART. He hails from the centre north of Nigeria (kogi state) he believes that art defines him because as a child, he had always been fascinated with creativity.Raji He is a multi talented fellow who has passion for ART and fashion also with knowledge of graphic designing and fashion illustration, photo realistic sketches because the combination of them all defines him. 

You can follow his works on the links below.

Facebook page :

Instagram : or @radelart

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