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Monday, April 3, 2017


Copyrights issues and Plagiarism were the main discuss at the Industry Night held at the Nigerian film Cooperation Ikoyi on Friday, March, 31, 2017 .

The program organized by Mustard seed communications was for the creative art industry (Comic artist, writers etc)

At the event a Lawyer Mr Akintoba gave a lawyers opinion on copyright majorly in the comic industry, he stated a person's idea cannot really be protected in the real World except it is the exact copy of the original. He furthered by explaining even it's a stolen work in a country like Nigeria the fine is N100 except the Judge decides to use his discretion in the court of Law but the documented in the Nigerian Law is N100.

Further more he made several examples one been the obvious similarities between the characters of "DC's Superman and Marvels Sentry".

He concluded by stating Plagiarism is an ethical issue rather than legal I.e has no place in the court it's more a case of morals... He however encourages originality in our works and creating Comic characters as most foreigners see us as copy cats.

Edu Shola an Animator and Game developer also sighted similar issues in the gaming industry making mention of King's candy crush and the similarities with Bejeweled game by EA.

In the end A lot of people agreed people are more driven by making money quoting that "everybody steals " meaning rather than copy you recreate someones work in a more creative way that will avoid Lawsuit .
However there was a conclusion that research is not bad i.e u can borrow idea from people or learn from them but be creative about it.
In Conclusion a representative from Cooperation states the need to move the comic industry forward, Which led to Mr Ayodele Elegba CEO of Mustardseed Communication and founder/conveyner of the Lagos Comic Con to suggest there is a need to have a proper body governing the comic industry. With agreements to meet every month to discuss and make plans to elect people that will move organization forward the meeting was adjourned to Friday, April, 28, 2017(last Friday of The Month).

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