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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Politics: A Story, A Game, A War.

In a city that boasts of being the economic hub of West Africa, providing millions of opportunities for migrants each day. The place is called LAGOS.
A dreaded period in the history of the state is the election period. A time to elect the new drivers of the vehicle conveying all of us, but to what destination? This period pops up every four years and it comes with a mind of its own, whilst preliminary years leading to it has several nail-biting and complaints to our creator as to why we chose who we chose. A ‘180’ effect occurs at this very period.

It often seems we are non-existent to the people we helped reach the seat of power we built together. But this very period brings a new side of us all. The very people who create distance and barriers between us and them begin to lurk around our neighborhoods with loads of smiles and pockets of cash. Taking pictures as they carry out their “social-impact” projects and build their persona. They sit with us for a few minutes to make us feel fulfilled whilst asking what our wishes and wants are like a kid in Christmas season. It all falls on deaf ears as the minute they take their leave there is only one cry in their heart, the fall of an opponent. 

They influence the minds of their “loyalties” to take up arms on their behalf and fight for their privileges. The big question that lingers in my mind;


Some affiliate it with their lust for money; others see it as a frustration outlet, sometimes even seen as an unresolved grudge between two crops of people. I often see it as a lust for power amongst the weaker ones; the desire of feeling in control over someone else’s life and seizing it at the very moment and feeling POWERFUL. A love of murder such person harbors and can only act on it at such period, a lust driving man crazy, crazy enough to kill.

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