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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Could 'Africa's Amazon', Jumia be just another Nigerian scam.

This is the news that shook the Nigerian ecommerce company's stocks on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, 10th May 2019.

An American online investment newsletter company made this called Citron Research made this claim on Friday when they made a post calling Jumia 'an obvious scam' and the 'worst abuse of the IPO system.

The newsletter which also referred to the 'African Amazon's' company as 'worthless' made a 12 paged post and published it on Friday,

The newsletter stated some true and rather unsettling things about Jumia's operations.

It highlighted Jumia's $1 billion loss which was confirmed by several articles even written here in Nigeria.

 There's also the claim that the company forged some of the documents tendered before it's IPO to the Securities Exchange Commission.

This showed in the comparison between the documents Jumia tendered during an investment proposal meeting in October 2018 and the documents tendered in April 2019 just before the IPO.

There were differences like the claims that Jumia saw a rise in active customers from 2.1 million people in October, 2018 to 2.7 million people in April 2019.
Citron dismisses this claim and says it is a lie.

There was also the claim that the sellers on Jumia had increased from 43,000 to 53,000 during the same period, also marked untrue by Citron.

Another red flag Citron stated was that in their previous statement in October 2018, 41% of orders made were either cancelled, not delivered or returned but in the report this April Jumia stated that 14.4% of their orders were not delivered or returned which means they deliberately left out the 30% that was cancelled to save them from looking like a fraud [the percentage is too high].

All in all the bottom line is Jumia is not being straightforward with their investors and they're bearing the brunt as stock prices have reduced by 18% in just one day and despite Jumia's media team releasing statements debunking such news, the deed seems to have been done and there's no limit as to how much Jumia's equities might lose value.

On the flip-side, Citron as a newsletter company is ran by a popular Short-seller named Andrew Left; now what short sellers like Andrew do is watch out for stocks that are lower in price than their real value due to market perception, buy them and sell when the price rises again.

Now it might be a plot by Andrew to reduce the value of Jumia's stocks so he can purchase them and sell when all of it is clear,

We look forward to watching how this debacle to Africa's foremost E-commerce company pans out as they have continued to react to this news and you can get the PDF file of the report made by Citron Research below.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Game of Thrones, Feminism, and Equal Responsibility

So I watched the game of thrones S8Ep2 I couldn't help but notice the feminist messages during the conversation between two strong women, Sansa & Daenerys. Although that was before the big question was asked lol. See let's face it Women need to unite and stop the hate. But another angle I'd like to see it from is, If Sansa were a man and she was giving Daenerys such attitude, it would have been a case of "because she is a woman" but the truth is she doesn't trust Daenerys enough. She could be a tyrant like her father. we need to agree that it's natural for humans to hate on one another for their own reasons and this has nothing to do with the fact that you're a woman or a man.

Also how Brienne of tarth was knighted by Jamie. Brienne has stood out in the entire series, she is brave, strong, loyal, she has fought for good and most importantly she has a good heart. So I see no reason why she can't be a knight. But society and tradition hold her down. We've designed a society of toxic masculinity, and the worst part about it is that it's not just bad for women but for men as well. And That's exactly what philosophical feminism stood for...All people, regardless of gender, should be afforded the same rights, respect & privileges. Not the crap "hate on men agenda" tribal feminism is pushing

According to Mark Manson
"Once a philosophy goes tribal, its beliefs no longer exist to serve some moral principle, but rather they exist to serve the promotion of the group"

A lot of sensitization needs to be done among women, about the issue of equal responsibility. My cousin, Jon Snow once had a conversation with his girlfriend on why he thinks she should go through personal development and how she should read books so she can be a better person. But most of the time when they have that conversation she says he is trying to control her. People control people it's not about men trying to control women or vise visa. If you don't stop being mediocre people will trample on you.

A lot of women aren't ready to give what it takes like Brienne of tarth. As we can see in the entire series of game of thrones the only woman worthy of being a knight is just Brienne and that can be closely liked to our present society. We have very few female surgeons. We never barely see female football coaches coaching male teams but we see a lot of male coaches in women teams.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


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There is a war going on on youtube and these days everywhere we turn, we see pew pew pew, Yea, most of you would say it's Pewdiepie vs Tseries... But you all know there would be no Tseries buzz without Pewdiepie...come on, he is bigger 😀

We won't talk about how you should unsubscribe from Tseries. That's not cool, we love 
Pewdiepie, not because of the so-called war going on but just because I find his contents funny and entertaining. But we don't find Tseries' contents interesting enough to subscribe to their channel. But being a pew fan we still find ourselves telling our Nigerian friends to sub to his channel. Deep down we also want him to reach 100 million subscribers first.

But we all seem to be missing something here. Pewdiepie is an individual and Tseries is a company. They are much bigger in terms of manpower and expertise. So we don't think there is anything wrong if we have an individual face and a corporate face on youtube.

Let's stop telling people to unsubscribe from Tseries it's not cool. Let's share positivity and pew pew pew, get him more subs guys. This is our opinion... so deal with it 
😀😀😀... I just subscribed my mum to Pewdiepie's 😀 channel!

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